The NYP Approach

NYP is NOT your "IT Guy" or your "Repair man" - it's your partner.  Instead of dealing with problems as they arise, NYP works with you to design an IT approach that matches your requirements, culture, and business processes.  Properly utilizing technology both in your core infrastructure and business processes is critical for success in today's world.  Small businesses don't have the time to run their business and maximize their technology at the same time (unless, of course, maximizing technology IS your business).  This is where NYP comes in.

The NYP approach starts with you - the very first step in our partnership is learning what your goals and aspirations are, then exploring how the targeted use of computing capabilities can ease your path.  By starting with your business, instead of standard IT solutions, NYP can develop a technology strategy that gets you what you need in the long term without paying for things you don't.

The second step of the NYP approach is a complete inventory of your business.  This doesn't just include IT assets but also business processes, workflows, record organization, etc.  This complete inventory allows us to detect high risk areas and activities, unnecessary manual processes, and duplication of effort in different areas.  This inventory serves as the basis for determining the best technologies to deploy, both in light of sunk costs into existing infrastructure and the long-term needs of your business.

The final step of the NYP approach is implementation.  Implementation is NOT an install and leave situation - it's the establishment of your living technology strategy.  Generally, this includes three steps: continually updating and evaluating the inventory, routine maintenance, and improvement projects.  By continually evaluating and monitoring the systems, NYP assists your business to stay current, capable, and stable.  By being aware and involved in your evolving business processes NYP actively discovers opportunities to streamline and automate your business as it grows and evolves.  This is an approach not generally available to small companies and not fully implemented in even large organizations.