IT Infrastructure

NYP's goal is to design and implement corporate style infrastructure at a small-business price point.  This is accomplished through a blend of traditional closed-source systems such Microsoft Windows Server, open-source systems such as Linux, and cloud-based infrastructure.  This approach allows for a blended approach that adapts to your business' specific requirements while minimizing the cost.

Communication Infrastructure

The eyes and ears of your business is it's ability to communicate and share information, both within your organization and with your customers/suppliers.  NYP implements and supports the entire stack which includes:

  • wired and wireless network technologies
  • multiple locations
  • off-site/remote access
  • e-mail and instant messaging
  • data sharing between employees and with customers/suppliers
  • voice and video communications

Information Infrastructure

The heart of your business is its information.  The ability to pull information quickly from various sources is critical to keeping your business running, your invoices going out, and your revenue coming in.  Depending on your business, the proper system ranges from simple file sharing, to specific-use databases, to a full content repository or ERP system.  The right solution depends on your specific needs - there is no "one size fits all" solution here, no matter what you may have heard.

Core Infrastructure

NYP prefers to deploy virtualized systems both on-site and in the cloud due to the increased flexibility this provides.  By virtualizing the core communication and data infrastructure, it allows for flexible deployment, upgrade, and disaster recovery strategies that minimize the total cost of ownership and disruption as you grow.  For instance, a virtualized infrastructure allows for hardware replacement without rebuilding or reconfiguring the systems your business relies on.


As with any automatic or manual system, monitoring for proper function is necessary to ensure proper function and to detect issues before they become problems.  NYP utilizes a centralized system to continually monitor the systems critical to your business.  This allows NYP to detect issues fast, even before you notice them, and proactively correct them before they become a "problem".