The "Office Box"

The "Office Box"

Small businesses need infrastructure, but don't necessarily know what they'll need in the future.  Many small businesses elect to utilize hosted services to fulfill their infrastructure needs, ignoring the total cost of ownership over the alternatives.  This is why NYP has developed the "Office Box" - a solution based on open-source software and commodity hardware to provide your company with the infrastructure it needs to reduce service costs and roll out advanced IT services.

  • Starting under $3,000 installed (does not include wiring the office, but your office is probably already wired)
  • "Virtualized Infrastructure"
  • Expand instead of replace as you grow
  • Deploy and test without additional hardware costs
  • Leverage whole-sale telecom services
  • deploy surveillance for $150/camera (plus install)
  • Remotely managed and monitored

Sample "Office Box" Configurations

The small "Office Box"


  • single XenServer host
  • virtualized firewall
  • 24port managed switch
  • single wifi access point
  • 3 VoIP phones

The redundant "Office Box"


  • two synchronized XenServer hosts
  • redundant virtualized firewalls
  • 24port managed switch
  • dual wifi access points
  • 1 reception VoIP phone
  • 6 regular VoIP phones

The enterprise "Office Box"


  • two XenServer hosts
  • 1 NAS (8tb)
  • dual 24port managed switches
  • three wifi access points
  • 1 reception VoIP phone with attendant console
  • 15 regular VoIP phones
  • locking server rack

The "Office Box" leverages the following projects:

  • pfSense
  • XenServer
  • Nagios
  • Samba
  • Linux
  • FreePBX
  • Suricata
  • drbd